Testing Services

CCC provides psychological and neuropsychological assessments to patients across the developmental lifespan. These assessments have the potential to reveal vital information that informs us in developing your treatment planning and guiding our recommendations to you for resolving your concerns and issues. Our psychologists are trained in the most current assessment procedures, and we choose assessment instruments that will best address your questions and concerns, and consider any factors that may be standing in the way of the success of your adaptive functioning.

Comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluations

CCC offers comprehensive evaluations that assess cognitive strengths and weaknesses, problems with memory function, issues with executive brain functions including cognitive flexibility planning, vigilance, and visual-motor weakness, among others. Evaluations also assess personality, emotional functioning, and interpersonal style, which together provide data that inform and guide treatment planning.

We gain information from clinical interviews, self-report questionnaires, objective standardized assessments, and other projective measures. In addition to providing diagnostic clarity and providing treatment, CCC’s assessments are used to determine fitness of duty for law-enforcement eligibility, military reentry fitness, air traffic control fitness, social security disability claims, and school-related assessments for IEP and 504 plans, at all academic levels.

Insurance companies often require pre-authorization for assessment services. If you are interested in obtaining an evaluation, please call our office manager, Danielle Fournier, at 603-856-8163. She will be pleased to discuss with you the steps we are required to follow, in order to proceed with your request.


Please print, fill out and bring the following forms with you to your first appointment. We want to protect your privacy! Do not attempt to submit these forms electronically.